Testimonial 2

I was referred to Slawomir Rybak by Dr. David Carroll, D.C. He is a Licensed Massage Therapist. I was having neck trouble. Like, the kind of pain you only read about. The kind of pain that advil, tylenol, Aleve etc. don’t even touch. I was having headaches that were radiating from my neck. I was literally crying nearly daily. I tried the chiropractor first, and while that helped, I did not find complete relief. Not until I saw Slawomir did my neck pain completely disappear. I went from having pain every single day to having none at all. I am 100 percent better since I started seeing Slawomir Rybak. You will not get a fluffy, relaxing massage from Slawomir. You will get a truly therapeutic massage that will help you with serious back and/or neck pain. Slawomir also shows you exercises to do to maintain the effects of his work. He is also a certified personal trainer. While I am quite sure that Rybak can do a great relaxing massage if requested, he will truly relieve pain and loosen up muscles that are extremely tight. I feel like a new person since I found Slawomir Rybak. I can’t recommend anyone more highly.